Maelisa Hall, Psy.D.

QA Prep

Maelisa Hall, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist living in Long Beach, California. She is the Owner of QA Prep, offering online trainings and clinical consultation in all things documentation. Like her interests, her clinical experience is varied and includes psychological testing, clinical assessment and diagnosis, field-based therapy and crisis response intervention. Training is Dr. Hall’s true passion and she loves to help therapists connect meaning to the typically mundane task of paperwork.

Dr. Hall travels as a speaker and trainer on the topics of improving documentation, time management and ethics. She maintains an active blog and provides free trainings for therapists through her website,

Tim Geare, LMFT


Tim is an LMFT with over thirty years of experience helping individuals, couples and families discover answers and solutions to some of life's most complex problems. He has served as a mentor to many other professionals, incorporating a high value for the integration of excellent professional practice and God's great love and power.

Tim holds a bachelor's degree from the UCSD and a master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Biola University.

Tim has been educated by some of the foremost pioneers in the field of Marriage and Family Counseling with a particular emphasis on integrating issues of belief and faith with concepts central to psychology, family systems and human behavior. His undergraduate degree in biology, with a strong foundation in scientific process, augments his skills as a trained and sensitive listener and counselor.

Mike Murphy


Mike Murphy was on his way to a microbiology degree when he landed an internship at a legendary record label and fell in love with marketing. Six months later, he tossed the lab coat aside and changed his major. But some things never die.

While his heart belongs to marketing, as a latent science nerd, Mike’s mind is obsessed with producing measurable results. As digital marketing evolved and analytics have come to the forefront, this unique dichotomy has allowed him to identify opportunities hidden to others inside the data. While many strategists speak about innovative plans, Mike’s track record demonstrates that he can lead teams to execute them. From the time he piloted an unknown band to sell over 500,000 albums on a shoestring budget to last year launching 674 animal hospital websites generating an 11% YoY lift in new clients, every step of the way he has produced results and optimized them.

Mike’s traditional marketing background allows him to forge digital strategy through the lens of omnichannel marketing. He’s a trusted adviser and go-to-guy for all things marketing who also has vast experience working with the C-suite communicating plans and securing consensus.